Essential prices: after receiving businessmen, the Government promises that there will be no shortage of stock in the 64 products

After receiving entrepreneurs who participate in the program “Essential Prices”, the Government promised that there will be no stock in the 64 products that participate in the plan that began this Monday as a tool to contain rising inflation.

The Minister of Production, Dante Sica, together with the Secretary of Internal Commerce, Ignacio Werner, gave details of both the program and the decree of necessity and urgency on Commercial Loyalty signed by President Mauricio Macri.

Officials insisted that the agreement with employers is “voluntary” but “mandatory.” In addition, they promised that there will be normal supply of products that will maintain their price until October.

“When the list of products was established, each one was analyzed and its price, and in turn, the type of company that produces it. We do not see that risk (of shortage). The marketing channels share this vision. The commitment assumed by both the companies and the commercial channel is that these products are, are visible, that there is stock, “explained Werner.

The secretary also anticipated that “at the end of the 180 days” that the agreement lasts, “it will be renewed as the Care Prices program is renewed, for as long as necessary.”

Sica, on the other hand, assured that the businessmen “put the firm will to continue accompanying”, and in spite of some critics to the decree on Commercial Loyalty, noticed that “the rules of game and administrative were clear”.

The minister also said that the price agreement for the 64 products “is more an income policy than an anti-inflationary policy”. “It’s not a price freeze. We all know the failures they have had in Argentine economic history. We are before a voluntary agreement that is an income policy that complements what we are doing, “he said.

“The March inflation peak was not predicted by any consultant. These are measures that tend to bring relief, are complementary and do not harm the medium term, which is a program of structural reforms, “he added.

Another of the points for which the minister was consulted was the possible impact that the agreement could have on an increase in the price of the dollar. “Since the monetary bands have been put, the exchange rate has maintained a nominal value, it has ups and downs but it can not necessarily generate a distortion of the price type,” he explained.

Regarding the Commercial Loyalty DNU, Sica explained that “it aims to provide the government with an instrument to cover a gap we had in terms of strengthening the internal market, we did not have a law when we encountered situations of unfair competition.”

“We want to strengthen our internal market, which has more competition, since that results in better prices and better conditions for the consumer. Argentina lacked that instrument that allowed us to act, “he added.

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