Anchorage in Alaska bans fireworks show after extreme heat wave

The town of Anchorage, Alaska, canceled its July 4 fireworks show this week over an extreme heatwave.

The Anchorage Fire Division put out a burn ban and mentioned that any use of fireworks could lead to a fine.

“Just a reminder per MOA Code 14.70.180 it’s illegal to sell knowingly, possess, or use any explosive fireworks or stench bombs to which fuses are attached or that are capable of ignition by matches or percussion, without permission of that municipal official charged with issuing permits for such activities,” the department mentioned in a statement. “Violation of this part shall be punishable by a civil penalty of $300.”

Anchorage, Alaska’s largest city by population, is predicted to surpass an 85-degree temperature document, in accordance with the National Weather Service.

“Southern Alaska’s ongoing heatwave is expected to intensify considerably over the coming week. Strength of high-pressure ridge at mid-levels of the atmosphere could exceed all-time records over much of state. Surface temperatures may additionally reach all-time records in southern areas,” Daniel Swain, a University of California, Los Angeles, local weather scientist, tweeted this week.

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