Nevada man gets crushed while working under his car when earthquake shifts the jack

A man working on his late-1940s Willys CJ-2A died after the automobile fell off jacks during an earthquake earlier this month, local police believe. This can be the first reported casualty ensuing from one of two main earthquakes that hit the Ridgecrest, California area roughly 150 miles northeast of Los Angeles. Here’s what we all know.

On the afternoon of July 9, officers from the Nye County Sheriff’s Office in Nevada headed to the city of Pahrump “for a report of a person beneath a car,” the division states in a press release. Upon arrival, they discovered a deceased 56-year-old man pinned below what appears to be a Willys CJ-2A. According to police’s assessment of “timing and circumstances at the scene,” the death could have been a “result of the car falling off the jacks on July 4 in the course of the earthquake.”

Authorities discovered that earthquake to be a magnitude 6.4 with an epicenter near Ridgecrest, California, and it was followed up the following day by a 7.1.

The sheriff’s department’s press release states that the vehicle had been “jacked up safely” and that, “based on the positioning of the body and the tools on the scene, the male appeared to be engaged on the car on the time of his death.”

In line with NBC News, if police finish their investigation and conclude that the earthquake was certainly an element on this incident, this may very well be the first reported death resulting from the July 4 and July 5 earthquakes.

The Nye County Sheriff’s Office’s full video press release is shown below. Be mindful that there are images that apparently blur out the deceased man on the ground at the base of his Jeep.

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