PlayStation 5 Will Be Providing VR Voice Assistants for A Better Gaming Experience

The PlayStation 5 can be launched about a year from now, probably in time for the 2020 holiday season. That doesn’t mean the following PlayStation is a complete mystery, although. Apart from the design and launch details, we do know the console will feature powerful internals, each when it comes to processor and graphics, in addition to a fast SSD that will dramatically reduce loading times. On top of that, a brand new leak suggests that Sony may be working on another exciting PS5 feature that no one imagined.

Documentation that Sony filed for a Voice Help System Using Artificial Intelligence patent reveals the corporate has been developing a virtual assistant that will be unique to Sony’s new gaming console. Tentatively known as PlayStation Assist, this voice-enabled assistant would be capable of assisting users as they play different games. The assistant would provide details about game targets in addition to items the gamers should procure.

Some pictures show how Horizon Zero Down players would get details about a specific sword directly from the console. Players also can request details about missions, locations, opponents, and puzzles, Dutch blog TechTastic explains. The assistant connects to Sony’s servers for information and then returns the solution on the display, the report notes.

More curiously, the PlayStation Assist app would also work on mobile devices, delivering general details about a game how long you’ve played it, or when you started it in addition to information about in-game content, just like the quests available in a specific portion of a map.

As with all other patents, Sony’s documentation isn’t sufficient to verify the feature can be introduced on the upcoming PlayStation 5 console. However, that doesn’t change the fact that Sony is researching the technology. Microsoft’s Xbox, meanwhile, supports Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant, although these third-party assistants won’t deliver the type of real-time gaming data that PlayStation Assist guarantees.

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