Daimler Sprinter Vans Investigating for Faulty Software by Germany

Daimler AG stated German authorities are probing suspected defective software in the carmaker’s Mercedes-Benz Sprinter vans after a report that 260,000 vehicles might be affected throughout Europe.

German Federal Motor Transport Authority The KBA is inspecting the vehicles that are a previous generation Mercedes-Benz GLK 220 diesel model, for the regulator issued a recall order in June, Daimler stated in a statement. The KBA is also looking into potential emissions manipulation in cars utilizing “impermissible defeat devices,” according to the newspaper.

Daimler filed an objection to the June recall, mentioned it had informed the regulator that the “functionality at concern is contained in different production series” and that it had carried out a review, based on the statement. The assessment is full, and “KBA has now additionally initiated a hearing process,” Daimler stated.

The company, which generates a large number of profits with hulking sport utility vehicles and sedans, had been under investigation by the U.S. and German authorities over its practices on diesel emission setups. In 2018, it was forced to recall 774,000 vehicles in Europe.

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