Female Astronauts ready for spacewalk after getting Spacesuit from NASA

Two female astronauts will perform a historic walk after NASA finally provided spacesuits that are the proper size.

Christina Koch and Jessica Meir are the first female spacewalk.

Koch is also anticipated to have the record-setting “longest single spaceflight by a woman,” NASA says. The astronaut mentioned her milestones are significant, based on an online video.

“I believe it’s essential because of the historical nature of what we’re doing,” Koch stated in the interview posted Friday on the International Space Station’s social media page. “And that in the past, women haven’t always been at the table.”

The history-making spacewalk is undoubtedly one of three scheduled later this month, based on NASA. All participants will assist switch out batteries on the International Space Station, based on the agency’s post on the blog.

After March, NASA canceled the first all-female venture because there were not enough suits with the right fit, The Charlotte Observer previously reported.

Since then, another medium-sized suit has been sent into space, based on The Verge and different news outlets.

The agency says crew members test out the gear while still on Earth; however, their bodies go through changes when they’re away.

Koch is an NC State University graduate and was raised in Jacksonville, North Carolina, based on the NASA website.

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