Hunters Moon Appear On October 13 And 14

This month, a bright orange Full Hunter’s Moon can be seen in the night sky.

Full moons occur every once a month when the Earth is positioned precisely between the sun and the Moon. In these cases, it’s fully illuminated, seems like a perfect circle.

On Sunday, Oct13, at 5:08 p.m. EDT, the October full moon will reach its peak, though it’ll appear full to the naked eye for about a day on both sides of this date, based on The Old Farmer’s Almanac.

The Moon will be visible after sunset, however, and it’ll set close to sunrise the following day. October 13 and 14 is one of the month’s night in which the Moon will stay in the sky from morning to evening.

This Full Hunter’s Moon is especially intriguing as a result of it could appear bigger and more orange than a regular full moon resulting from the fact that it rises around sunset.

This trick of the eyes, often called the “moon illusion,” makes the Moon appear bigger close to the horizon than when it is positioned higher in the sky.

The reason that it seems more orange nearer the horizon is because of the effect of the Earth’s atmosphere, based on Berman.

However, when the Moon is directly overhead, the light doesn’t need to travel by as many air particles to reach, because the Moon is closer; thus, it’s scattered less. This allows more of the blue color wavelengths to reach eyes, giving the Moon a brighter, less orangey color.

Unlike most other full moon names, the term “Hunter’s Moon” isn’t tied to a particular month. Hunter’s Moon is the title given to whichever full Moon comes after the Harvest Moon or the one nearest to the autumn equinox in the Northern Hemisphere.

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