Iowa County Put a Hold On Wind and Solar Energy Project

New wind and solar energy projects in Madison County, Iowa, have been placed on hold for a year. The ordinance locations a ban on the construction of commercial solar energy systems, wind farms, and wind turbines until October 2020, according to the news.

The Board of Supervisors for the county decided after the Madison County Board of Health passed a decision saying wind turbines could be a health hazard.

The Board of Health additionally specified two potential health hazards.

Flicker, attributable to sunlight reflecting off spinning turbine blades, can create a strobing effect, which may trigger nausea and headaches. Wind turbines also can emit a sound below the range of human hearing, known as infrasound. Headaches and nausea can be the result.

News reports that the decision suggests future wind turbines should be constructed a mile and a half away from residences.

There’s a probability that the moratorium could end early if another various energy ordinance is passed. Solar or wind could be authorized individually, which would remove those projects from the ban.

“I do not wish to push any ordinance through until we get this figured outright. That is too important to make a mistake,” stated Madison County Supervisor Diane Fitch in an interview.

“There isn’t any authoritative proof that sound from wind turbines represents a risk to human health among neighboring residents,” states a paper published by the IEC. “The only causal link that may be recognized is that wind turbines could pose an annoyance to some who live near them.”

Madison County is not alone in their trepidation regarding wind power. Reports point that the Hopkinton, Rhode Island Town Council has banned turbine construction regardless of the support of local farmers.

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