In Jobs Human Replaced by AI

Interest in utilizing artificial intelligence AI for efficiency in the workplace has been rising rapidly lately, and technology continues to be launched by big-tech leaders to support a variety of businesses and their specific job functions, however, which means there might be far fewer jobs in the future.

“Banks are making some huge investments in technology that would result in 200,000 job cuts within the next decade,” the News reported on Oct. 2. “Finance firms are spending about $150 billion for technology each year. Robots have now taken over in many call centers and online chat rooms.”

Recently in Seattle, AI equipment was introduced that can mass-produce pizza.

“We use whatever ingredients the chef wants to make so that we can make it with hand-tossed pizza,” Wood informed the NewsChannel on Oct. 9. “The other night, we made pizza for 500 people with one person in one hour.”

When asked, if someone needs to control the machine to prevent messiness or a jam with regards to different pizza toppings, Wood confidently reported the machine is very reliable.

“The system is quite consistent,” Wood stated. “That is one of the advantages that we will consistently put the ingredients on the system. You have seen the video is a prototype, and it is getting better regularly, and that is the exact pizza that we have made at the stadium for Seattle Mariners fans this year.

“The Picnic CEO emphasized that the operating costs for operators are lowered in his company in such a competitive food market. He stated he is replacing job openings because the foodservice industry is experiencing “a labor crisis.”

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