Space ‘Elevator’ To The Moon Could Be a Replacement for Old Traditional Rockets

Recently, a non-peer reviewed research by Zephyr Penoyre theorized that not only is an “elevator” to the moon possible, however, but it may also be built utilizing existing elements. Their concept takes a unique approach than that from NASA and other space agencies.

As opposed to a cable stretching skyward anchored from the Earth, the cable proposed within the research runs from the moon down towards our planet, coming to an end and hanging in Earth’s geosynchronous orbit 22,236 miles above the surface. This might place the cable out of danger zone of lower orbit, where it could be struck by satellites or space debris. The pencil lead-thin cord could be constructed from carbon polymers and hung from the moon. The cost is estimated to be between the billions of dollars.

“The study seems legit,” Michael Laine, founder of LiftPort Group, informed News channel. “It seems like they’ve independently invented the lunar space elevator. We received their first; however, it’s gratifying to have anyone unrelated to our field do the math, figure it out, and say ‘Yeah, that’s an actual factor.'”

From 2001 to 2003, Laine worked on the NASA Institute for Advanced Concepts (NIAC) research team for an Earth elevator concept, which was the more conventional concept of the space elevator.

“Mathematically, the Earth elevator concept models very properly,” Laine added. “The issue is that within the actual real world, there are still lots of problems with it.”

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