Eric Wagner Was Able to Capture a Shot of Bright ‘Blue’ Meteor from The Plane

NASA has posted a stunning picture of a blue “fireball meteor” and a rare look at Jupiter with the naked eye, because of the work of a quick-thinking photographer.

Eric Wagner was on his way to Australia from Singapore on Sept. 24 when, as luck would have it, he captured the incredible picture and posted it to social media.

“I arranged my tripod and began shooting,” Wagner wrote on social media. “It’s the first time I was able to capture a shot of the Milky Way from a plane within the Southern Hemisphere.”

Wagner continued: “I had already gotten some decent pictures to work with, so I began shooting a sequence of 10-second exposures to work right into a stacked photo. I was managed to a magnificent sight, though, as I shot. I want to let the picture speak for itself. The stars might have been slightly sharper as there was slightly bouncing through the shot; however, overall, I love the shot.”

“Reflected alongside the wing of the A380 aircraft, the brilliant greenish streak is also internally reflected within the double layer window, producing a fainter parallel to the original meteor track,” NASA wrote in a caption along with the picture.”

Jupiter can be noticed within the picture, because the gas giant “is the bright source beneath the galactic bulge and seen next to a green beacon, just off the wingtip,” the space agency added.

Wagner finally sent the picture into NASA, where a scientist confirmed that the object he had noticed was a bolide meteor.

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