Uber Cancels Shared Rides in Canada, U.S. to Contain Coronavirus Pandemic

Uber Technologies Tuesday started canceling shared rides on its ride-hailing platform in the USA and Canada to restrict the spread of the coronavirus.

Uber Cancels Shared Rides in Canada, U.S. to Contain Coronavirus Pandemic

The pooled option, which allows riders to book rides at lower prices by sharing the car with up to three other passengers touring in the same direction, has been disabled for users opening the apps in the two nations.

A spokesperson stated similar measures outside the U.S. and Canada would be reviewed on a case-by-case basis.

Regular rides and the corporation’s food delivery platform Uber Eats remain available; however, Uber stated it was in contact with local authorities to adjust operations as required

North America provides the bulk of Uber’s revenue; however, pooled rides cover only a small share of all bookings, data by U.S. cities showed.

Lyft, Uber’s smaller North American rival, Monday didn’t respond to a request for comment on its shared rides policy.

The pathogen has spread rapidly throughout the U.S., killing at least 83 individuals as of Monday and infecting over 4,600 Americans.

The White House Monday urged people to avoid gatherings of over 10 people and demanded closing bars, restaurants and other venues in states where local virus transmission exists.

Starting on Tuesday, Uber users in the U.S. and Canada will also see a message reminding them to contemplate if the ride they plan to book is crucial and to “travel only when obligatory,” images provided by Uber showed.

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