Activ Surgical Introduces Visualization Tech to Avoid Surgical Hazards

After $25 million in funding and three years of development, the Boston-based medical device and software program development firm Activ Surgical is bringing its first product to market, the firm stated yesterday.

Activ Surgical Introduces Visualization Tech to Avoid Surgical Hazards

The corporate’s ActivEdge platform, an artificial intelligence and machine learning software system utilizing data from a hardware attachment that can be mounted to existing surgical gear, is meant to provide real-time intelligence and visualization to enhance patient outcomes, the corporate stated.

The platform and its associated products will be initially out there in the U.S. with expectations to expand to the rest of the world subsequent year.

Activ’s software program purports to assist surgeons in avoiding medical errors that kill 400,000 people within the U.S. alone yearly. Preventable medical errors are the third main reason for death afters stroked and most cancers, and 26% of those errors are the result of surgical errors.

Apart from the human toll, these medical errors are pricey, hitting healthcare services with a nearly $36 billion bill in the U.S.

Initially, Activ Surgical will work to combine its know-how into the 2.2 million most common laparoscopic procedures that are conducted in the U.S., together with cholecystectomy, colectomy, hysterectomy and gastrectomy, where identification of blood movement and critical structures matter the most.

The company’s hardware-based technology works with current visualization systems to provide real-time information and new visualizations of the surgical setting. The connected platform attaches to laparoscopic and arthroscopic methods.

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